Chileeeeeee if you have not heard Blac Chyna has moved on once again and this time her newest man meat is Soulja Boy aka Big Draco! The 2 have been seen together a lot recently on social media and it’s been said they have made they’re relationship official. Blac Chyna is always in the press for dating someone new and recently Soulja Boy has been going viral from his recent controversial interview with the breakfast club! One thing is for sure these 2 both love attention so I’m definitely interested in seeing where this goes. Hopefully Soulja knows what he is in for because we all know Blac Chyna chews these industry men and spits them out regularly lol! You can check out a pic of the 2 new

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Soulja Boy

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The Hair Show WeekendKick Off Party Hosted By Blac Chyna

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