This week on Ladies Night Radio we had a featured guest Blu Nails! Blu passion is really art. She started off working at a tattoo shop, drawing tattoo sketches for tattoo artists in the city. She attended cosmetology school. After, becoming a mom she began to get back into the groove of things. She worked in her friend nail salon and her first client asked her to draw a flower design, and chileeeee it’s been on since then! She loves to do artwork and glam up nails, this is what makes Blu stands out from other nail techs. Blu stated “That nails nowadays are so creative, she really appreciates how the trend is so over the top.” She loves to freestyle so her brain and creative side can just takeover. She loves the fact she is an entrepreneur, she can set her hours and make her own schedule. We did a segment on the show asking “What is $40 for?” I know you hear the girls who always asking for $40, right? And we wanna know what is the forty for? lol…. because these nails girls are getting in 2018 ain’t $40, baby! If you want to check out the full interview with Blu, watch it below!

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