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Rapper Yella Beezy mostly known for his new #1 single “Thats On Me” was reportedly shot more then a dozen times last night in a drive by shooting in Lewisville, TX around 3am. His publicist released a statement that a car pulled up beside him & began firing several rounds into his vehicle but he is alive and now in stable condition. It’s several rumors swirling around that Yella breezy may have been shot in retaliation for the murder of a comedian named Roy Woods who he was said to be publicly beefing with recently. This is a sad situation we hope and pray Yella Beezy pulls thru ok and makes a speedy recovery!  His his single “Thats On Me” had just recently hit #1 on the urban music charts which is a huge accomplishment for him! Pray for him and his family you can read more about the incident at The Shaderoom.

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TSR Staff: Kyle Anfernee: @Kyle.Anfernee Earlier, news broke that Yella Beezy was shot more than a dozen times early Sunday morning in Dallas, Texas. We reached out to his publicist and thankfully he’s okay! ___________________________________ “Thank you to all of the fans who have sent prayers and condolences on behalf of Yella Beezy. He is currently in stable condition now, and will make a speedy recovery. We appreciate your continued support and ask that you keep him in your prayers and respect his family’s privacy at this time.” ___________________________________ Police said a vehicle pulled up beside him Sunday morning and began firing a round of shots. They haven’t found who’s responsible yet, but—Read More At

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