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Have you had a hard time identifying others around you? Or EVEN YOURSELF?

On The Afternoon Takeover today’s #TopicOfTheDay with @MissPoohOnAir and @DGreeneRadio sexualities came up in the discussion which caused us to research and stumble upon 17 different sexualities to choose from! Which are you?

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1. Homosexual

You probably know what this sexual orientation is. It’s when a person is only attracted to people of the same sex. It’s when boys like boys and girls like girls.

2. Demisexual

This refers to people who aren’t able to feel a sexual connection with someone until they feel a romantic connection with them. That means that they need to become friends before they can become sexually involved.

3. Heterosexual

This refers to a person who is only attracted to the opposite sex. It’s also known as being “straight.”

4. Bisexual

This refers to someone who is sexually attracted to both men and women. Of course, it doesn’t mean they’re attracted to everyone they meet.

5. Biromantic

This refers to people who feel romantic attraction to both men and women. Why yes, sexual attraction and romantic attraction are two completely different things!

6. Pansexual

This refers to a person who is attracted to any sexual orientations or gender identity. Believe it or not, this is one of the most common sexual orientations out there.

7. Demiromantic

“A demiromantic does not experience romantic attraction unless they have already formed a strong emotional bond with the person.”

8. Lesbian

This simply refers to homosexuals who identify as women. If you’re a girl who only likes other girls, then you’re a lesbian.

9. Asexual

This refers to people who don’t feel any type of sexual attraction at all. Of course, they’re still capable of being in healthy relationships.

10. Queer

Some people view this word in different ways. However, it’s mostly seen as an umbrella term. That means you can use it to describe anyone that’s a part of the LGBTQ community
11. Autosexual
This refers to someone who prefers to have sex with themselves over having sex with others. If masturbating is all you want to do, you could be an autosexual.

12. Aromantic

This refers to people who don’t feel any type of romantic attraction at all. However, they can still feel sexual attraction.

13. Gyneromantic

This is the “romantic attraction to female-identified people, regardless of one’s gender.”

14. Gynecophilia

This isn’t necessarily an attraction towards females. It’s just an attraction towards femininity, which can appear in both men and women.

15. Omnisexual

This refers to someone who feels an equal amount of attraction towards everyone. They don’t actually prefer one gender over another.

16. Skoliksexual

This refers to people who are attracted to non-binary individuals instead of cisgender individuals.

17. Spectrasexual

This refers to “the sexual attraction to various sexes or genders.”