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Why are these store workers thinking it’s ok to treat black women like we’re nothing?! First the situation with the woman getting kicked in the stomach at the gas station off Delmar and Goodfellow a couple of weeks back. But now THIS which happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma BUT STILL! I’m so glad people are protesting their business – but when will we receive the respect we deserve? This is sickening and in front of her child …

Ok – clearly I’m fired up about this! Here’s what happened – a woman in Tulsa, Oklahoma who frequents the Jun Beauty Supply for her regular beauty items went Monday with her 3 year-old son and he stole a 99 cent cheap keychain and the store owner, Jun, followed her and confronted her about the situation. Well, things escalated and the result led to him punching her in the mouth and the video below you can see her spitting out blood. Jun has been charged with with assault and battery, a misdemeanor, and was ordered to appear in court on Sept. 12. Now, people are protesting his business (which I don’t blame them) but dang – like why and what hurts me the most is this happened in front of her son.

I will be completely honest – over the summer my son stole some Tic Tacs and once I noticed I immediately went in the store to return it with my son – but after seeing this, I’m so glad the manager didn’t notice before me and decide to confront me. Like seriously – is that deep? Tell me your thoughts on Twitter at @HOT1041STL!

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