St. Louis Rapper Sexyy.Red Talks About Going Viral & Next Moves!


St. Louis rapper Sexyy.Red is popping, she has a vibe going on right now that’s crazy! I, Princess Stormm, heard about her through Facebook. It was a video being shared left and right, so being nosey  I clicked it and when I say it’s been stuck in my head ever since.

This young rapper is taking St. Louis by storm with her hit “Ah Thousand Jugs” it’s a remix from the song A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton. The video is so funny but the song is catchy Sexyy. Red is really making moves out here. She made her first record after a break up with her ex-dissing his ass! After, she began to start taking her music career to the next level by shooting more videos and dropping more songs. Check out the full interview and song below….




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