Drake I'm Upset video

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Damn, Aubrey did it again. Need a caption for IG…

Scorpion (SIDE A)


“The crown is broken in pieces, but there’s more in my possession. There’s a whole lot in my possession”

“This just a intro, let me not get ahead of myself”


“Yeah I’m light skinned, but I’m still a dark nigga…I’m an unforgiving wild-ass dog nigga”

“They see what I got and man it’s hard to be content. Fuck what they got going on I gotta represent”


“I wanna thank God for working way harder than Satan, he’s playing favorites”


“I know the truth is you won’t love me until I’m gone”

“Breakin’ speed records on roads that these niggas paved, and they don’t like that, it’s written all on they face”

“Leavin’ me in limbo to question what I believe. Leavin’ me to ask what’s their motive in makin’ peace. Leavin’ me to not trust anybody I meet. Leavin’ me to ask is there anybody like me?”

“All these followers but who gon’ follow me to the end, I guess I’ll make it to the end and I’ma find out then”


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