Prince Georges County Corrections Officers Wear Bodycams

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Nine years ago, Kenneth Jordan identified Corey Miller aka C Murder as the shooter in a 2002 Louisiana nightclub shootout in that killed 16-year-old Steve Thomas.

Back in the day, Miller was charged with second-degree murder.

Now 16 years later, Jordan claims that he told detectives the shooter he saw kill Steve Thomas was not Miller, but they insisted that he fabricate the story to say that it was.

“I told JPSO (Jefferson Parish Sherrif’s Office) that I saw the shooter and the shooter was not Corey Miller. However, the officers pressured me to lie and say it was Corey Miller, all the while holding criminal charges over my head. I was distraught and scared,” 

Think about how many charges are going unheard that are in the same manner. It’s sad. Romeo Miller had something to say about the news this morning.

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My Uncle C has been serving a life sentence behind bars for something he didn’t do and today the whole world knows he’s innocent. The witness recants his testimony and says he was pressured into identifying the “famous rapper”. Good or bad, one thing I know about life is that we may not understand everything, but everything happens for a reason and although we all aren’t treated as equal we must keep faith. GOD’s strongest soldiers are given the toughest battles, just look at Joseph story in the Bible! My uncle Corey was just being prepared for his real blessings! The devil tried to break this family apart, but we only got stronger. I rarely cry, but today I have tears of joy. | #GodsTiming #FreeMyUncleC

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