Golden State Warriors v Cleveland Cavaliers

¬†What a game. That’s all that can be said about the first game of the NBA Finals 7 game series. With constant back and forth lead changes, aggressive gameplay and high scoring, the Golden State Warriors were finally able to come out on top with the victory of game 1 against the Cleveland Cavs. Despite “King James” scoring 51 points, the most he has ever scored in a playoff game, his team still lost. However, his teammate JR Smith happens to be the man in the hot-seat right now for basically costing their team the game because with just 4 and half seconds only left in the last quarter with the game tied JR happened to not pay attention to the game clock time nor the fact that the Cavs had 1 timeout left and decided to dribble the ball out causing the game to go into overtime enabling the Warriors to pull off the win.

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