gun metal barrel

  First and foremost, I would like to send my condolences out to all of the families affected by gun violence of a loved one, including my own family. The murder-rate in the city of St. Louis is at an all-time high and has always been, which is something that needs to drastically change right now! I’ve lost so many friends and family due to someone else taking their lives and know plenty of people who have also. ST. LOUIS, please try your best to teach and educate our youth on the affect of their actions because it affect everyone! By all means, if you have an issue with someone and your life is in danger then you’re supposed to protect yourself of course because you have the right to bear arms in the state of Missouri. However, just pulling a gun out and pulling the trigger at the first sight of an argument or other dispute is most definitely not the answer at all!  It needs to be more networking to create bigger and better job and career opportunities for the all of us. So spread the love and the peace people and lets heal the city.

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