The queens came in crowns at the 2018 Met Gala! I, Princess Stormm, am a fashion lover and I was so excited to see the 2018 Met Gala looks. The met gala is the biggest fashion night of the year. Each year they have a theme which designers and celebrities come dressed up to show out! This year theme was the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s next Costume Institute exhibit is, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” And, baby they didn’t come to play, I was very surprised see this as the theme  because I just knew this theme would stir up some controversy on the red carpet. But any who, I loved so many looks and was very delighted to see so many celebrities wear crowns on the carpet. Later that night, I decide to google the Catholic church attire. I learned that the mozzetta, sash, vestments, alb, and the miter are worn in the Catholic church. The miter is a ceremonial hat that’s worn by the bishops. Rihanna was the first person I notice then so many others came with head pieces. Check out the pics below…




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#Repost @thehoodwitch with @get_repost FLORIDA WATER 💦 ・・・ Solange and her bag o’tricks was the talk of the town at yesterday’s esoteric themed @metgala2018ig “Heavenly Bodies: fashion and the Catholic Church” 🔥👹 it’s safe to say there were some hits and plenty of misses but what had all the brujas on social media gabbing were the contents of Solange’s fishnet bag: Agua de Florida (Florida water) and an obsidian sphere. To the average unsuspecting person they’d have no clue what these items were, as one fashion reporter speculated that the bottle might’ve been her “favorite drink” 😂 but for those of us that know & love Florida water we know it is used as a traditional tool for spiritual cleansing, blessing and protection Some practitioners also use Florida Water as a type of offering to ancestors, spirits and other forms of Divinity. It is a wonderful tool for blessing a shrine, altar or sacred space.If you are an energy worker, or if you do any type of meditation/trace/hypnotism work this is a good protective measure to begin with. Apply Florida Water to the wrist, temples, base of the head (neck) and the feet. Some practitioners also anoint the 7 major chakras/energy centers of the body. Her black obsidian sphere was perfect, obsidian is a powerful stone of protection that has been used by brujas, alchemist, light workers, and energy healers alike. It works very quickly in moving truths to the surface and can also be used for scrying. Ya’ll are in luck because we just restocked our obsidian Spheres in the store today! We also have a free obsidian meditation for you available via our Met gala inspired IG story featuring some of our favorite looks as well as some of our favorite occult inspired artwork. We also shared some info about Florida water and how to use it on @hellogiggles today! Check it out and keep ya aura LIT! #everydaymagic #fashion #modernmystic #metgala #witchesofinstagram #obsidian

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