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UPDATE: Ball Park Village has issued a formal statement after one of the victims has died. Read more here.

School Caution Tape

Source: Getty Images / Getty

Shots fired at Day Party held at Ballpark Village approximately 7:45 pm. It appeared two victims after the two shots were fired. One victim appeared in stable condition as he was shot in the lower region of his body. Suffering from trouble breathing, due to asthma.

The second victim, appearing in more of a crucial to critical condition, as he laid on the pavement near the entrance of the rooftop with a bullet wound that may have hit him in his neck causing his eye to pop from his eye socket. Two people helped stop blood rushing and keeping him in a condition that appeared, him fighting for his life.

Many that participated in the function believed that it was due to lack of security. Some believed it was the lack of responsibility of those individuals that took it upon themselves to bring a gun in an establishment to settle their differences with others in public.
In my personal opinion, I’m calling out all the cowards that pull a gun out. You are not God! It isn’t your right to take a life! Also, BFree has always been the events that people attend to enjoy themselves as adults. It is beyond the time to take back our streets. You people that can’t settle differences without speaking and coming to a solution. This isn’t a movie! No character changes, no rewind, no take backs. Selfishly, I thought, had I ben hit by a stray bullet, I couldn’t have come back to my daughter.

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