Barricades erected around courthouses in advance of Stockley verdict

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Getty

Can’t find black events? Businesses? Arts? No more excuses! Influential activist and “sistah” @OhunAshe creates a hub for the culture!


This social center has endless possibilities for the black community here in St. Louis. Not only can you surf the site in need to support and circulate the black dollar with business from, beauty, arts, management, food, legal services, health, and media, but you can submit yours also!

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There’s enough light for all of us to shine! Ohun is still accepting businesses to be featured on the site. Contact to be included in the listings.

Haven’t been convinced to support the culture? Here’s Ohun’s personal vision for the St. Louis culture:


For the Culture STL is intended to connect black people with black owned businesses and events around the city. Whether it’s the entertainment industry, a family owned restaurant, a black owned dentist, or a local clothing company, For the Culture STL is here to connect the people to you and you to the people.

Our intention is to put black dollars back into the black community and keep them there and build unity in the community. Support the businesses, show up to the events, get to know each other.

In order to do this we have to know where to go and what to show up for. If you know of any companies, events, stores, or small businesses that we should be supporting then let us know.


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