St. Louis ( HOT1041)- Aprylete Me Know-   Welcome back, Empire fans! It’s time to come to terms with the craziness of the mid-season premier. Your Radio Diva Aprylete joins Kim Hudson from FOX2 and Old School 9.5 Staci Static every Thursday to discuss Cookie Lyon’s most memorable moments of the episode!

Here are Cookie Bites:

  1. “Okay, I’m not going to sit here and beg you. If you want to sit here with your wet nurse. Then you just suck right on baby.”
  2. “So, what’s your calling card then, huh?  You can’t keep them chained to some piano on some ‘Black Snake Moan’ kink.”
  3.  “You can torture him until he turns into a little church boy. I prefer that monster over Dwight any day. You know why? Because, he belongs to me. And if you think I’m gonna walk outta here without him, you don’t know Cookie Lyon at all.”





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