St. Louis, MO ( HOT1041)- Aprylete Me Know–  I watch preaching and/or write notes from a previous preaching from whenever I go to church each week… TD Jakes showed me this week that “God only blessed you to use you”. A lot of times we don’t do better because we haven’t been exposed to better.

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This message from TD Jakes will inspire you to give yourself away to find out who you really are : 

  • A lot of times we don’t do better because we haven’t exposed to better
  • Not everybody is provoked by better
  • God will allow you to see someone more anointed, more anything to expose you to provoke you. If He did it for them, He can do it for you
  • If you truly love someone, you can never unlove them
  • Love will make you do what you said you wouldn’t do
  • God uses a blessing He has placed in one to draw another
  • Sometimes God blessed you as a sign to somebody else
  • You can’t be provoked by ignorance
  • There’s a difference between information and inspiration
  • The anointing you respect is the anointing you receive
  • Anything you don’t respect you can’t achieve
  • God is going to use you as sign to them
  • Anyone who walks with Him will be blessed
  • God will use the very person people thought He couldn’t use
  • I’m going to bless you so greatly that they’re going to regret rejecting you
  • Provocation makes you realize this isn’t enough
  • God doesn’t want you to be comfortable, relaxed
  • God doesn’t heal, He provokes
  • Flesh will talk you out of faith
  • Even though you got used to it doesn’t mean that’s God’s will for your life
  • God is always showing you someone who has been through what you’ve been through
  • God let’s you get in a room that you were supposed to be in to provoke you
  • Once you are provoked you can never be satisfied what you used to be satisfied with
  • You will only increase when you stop being stingy
  • If you know it, you ought to teach it because there’s a blessing when you release
  • You keep it to yourself and wonder why God isn’t blessing you
  • God only blessed you to use you
  • If you hide what you have that’s a curse within itself
  • If you’ve been blessed in anyway, you have to release it
  • The more they gave it away, the more it multiplied
  • Whenever you do you were created to do you’ll get a release where you couldn’t get in any other way
  • Stingy people will always be broke
  • God gave it to you to provoke somebody
  • There’s more inside of you
  • You’ll never find out who you are until you give yourself away
  • As long as you’re giving you can’t die
  • The more you start giving, the less you’ll be dying
  • Stop mooching off people thinking they’re going to bless you
  • If it doesn’t come from God, it will never happen
  • When you want something bad enough and stop worrying about your image, God will pour you out a blessing
  • God is about to give you what they said you’d never have

If these notes blessed you, pass them along to someone that you think would be blessed by them too!

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