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Wow 5years Ago where it all began with a very special weekend of you performing at Essence! I also performed that night at Essence Festival 😏We made it official choosing each other! Five years later still blessed by the best with your presence! Your scent is one that I desire day and night! Your touch is one I desire for a lifetime! Your soft skin is like the fluffy heavenly skies! The way you feel is something I will keep to myself out of respect. Your love is something so wonderfully made for me and spirit that it gives indescribable Energy to my spirit! You fuel me to get better just by being here in my life! You @leahlabelle are so very special to me! No matter what ever happens I have true love for you! The way I feel in this moment is something I will always remember and talk about! God forbid things don't workout which is not on either of ours todo list lol! I will not ever disrespect you because the love I feel for you right now and the past 5 years is something to special and real! I can't wait for you to show the world the greatness that you possess as an artist as well as a person and activist! This is to 5 more years leading to Forever and the Forbes list together! My Woman, My Partner, My supporter, My Lover, My Krush, The one I desire and no other @leahlabelle My Better HALF and Better Everything also my BestFriend! βœŒπŸΎπŸ’‹#MITM

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