St.Louis (HOT1041)- Aprylete Me Know- I watch preachings and/or write notes from a previous preaching from whenever I go to church each week. My friend Jen inspired me to start sharing these church notes with my audience. I will start sharing my church notes injunction with her notes every Sunday… So here we go!!
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This message from TD Jakes will inspire you to develop your insight and understanding.
  • Think about how much better you would be if your insight was better. How many resources you would’ve saved if your insight was better? How many times you wasted on the wrong people because your insight wasn’t better?
  • How do I get my senses exercised so I can discern what’s good and evil than to find out it was evil later?
  • We’ve been taught the 5 senses in the body, but your spirit has senses too
  • Have you ever tried opening up to someone then something in you said to shut up? That’s insight
  • God gave you the insight to protect you
  • Anything you don’t use, you lose
  • You’re just walking around doing the best you can and it takes you years to be wise because you only know where the potholes are when you hit them
  • The reason you feel awkward is that you’re a weakling in that area
  • You have become a master at hiding at who you are
  • I don’t care what you build if you don’t have a system it won’t last
  • You may be talented, but the talent isn’t enough to get by in this world. You need a system to sustain
  • You’re asking for all this stuff when you should be asking for wisdom
  • What you value has a lot to do with how you come out
  • If your understanding is blind, your perception of your situation, of yourself, of your self-worth, what you can do and who you can be, you’ll be blind to it because you don’t have inner eyes, only outer eyes
  • It’s not what happens to you that matters, it’s what you understand about it
  • If you don’t understand or perceive it correctly, you are destined to repeat it
  • Everyone that’s in the same place doesn’t see the same thing
  • How you see it determines whether you can be it
  • Understanding is the truth you stand under
  • Don’t stand under a truth that isn’t true
  • Correct my understanding
  • Challenge things you understood wrong that are affecting outcomes of your life
  • You have years of pain over something you didn’t see correctly
  • You don’t see what God will do in your life until you’re in the fire
  • You can be working so hard to give something that God doesn’t even care about
  • If you don’t know what you got, you won’t know when you lose it. You won’t know to protect it, you won’t know what to fight for because you’re so dumbed down by a bad understand that you don’t value what God has in you
  • You might not be using it because you can’t see it. Sometimes other people can see more in you than you can see in yourself
  • God has something in me that people can’t add to
  • Never build your dream on another person’s gift
  • You are a container. Why would God create a container and leave it empty?
  • Don’t you forget who you are
  • You don’t need anybody inside of you defines who you are
  • When you’re blind on the inside you see right as wrong and wrong as right
  • It is a gift when God confronts you. It is a gift when He sabotages your mission, aborts your plan, interrupts what you’re trying to do, it’s God doing you a favor. The failure is a favor
  • What does God want for me? What does God have in me? What does God spend on me?
  • If you keep going over the same thing over and over again…. If you keep dating the same kind of men and expecting a different reaction…. If every time you get a job and you end up losing it, everybody can’t be prejudice… If you keep trying to find new ways to get more credit than to find a way to fix the credit that you have…. If you will do anything for Love and put yourself for sale over and over again you don’t know your value and worth…. you can see out here, but you can’t see in here. INSIGHT.

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