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(HOT1041) ST.LOUIS, MO-  Aprylete Me know:  What gets the most significance on life? Prayer or Planning?

Maybe you are a prayer person, or a planning person. Don’t try and pick between the two. God has not called us to do one or the other— he calls us to be both praying people and planning people. One does not work without the other.  The blessing is much sweeter when you have planned for your victory.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.Proverbs 16:3

Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something NOW! To all of my DIVAS and DONS out there I want you all to live a significant life, not just a successful one. I have observed in my personal life I needed a plan and to be prepared for when God answered my prayers .

Four simple things to remember about planning:

1.Planning is scriptural

2. Planning will put you in a better position

3. Planning brings progress

4. Planning clarifies your decision making

Kick start your week with a bang! Don’t wait for God to work and answer prayer, just be prepared for when he does.  I challenge  you to write the vision and make the plan. Remember there is power in prayer and planning.

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