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The top 5 St. Louis Rappers to watch out for is Buddy Luv, Lil Tay from 3 Problems, Doughboy Tyke, Vega Sills & Benji Brother’s. To be from a city where great talent is formed makes you grateful that you are from the realist place on earth! …. Oh, yeah I can’t forget about La4ss. Even tho he is lockdown anytime someone plays his songs everyone raps along. 

First, I’m gone start off with Buddy Luv. Buddy literally gave us the whole summer, with his first single that caught my attention was HAhaHa. He had freestyles after freestyles that he released on Instagram that kept us hook’d every Friday. Buddy is also a brand ambassador for city gear. He dropped his ep I Gave Yall The Whole Summer on Thanksgiving that was FIRE!

Next, we got Lil Tay from 3 Problems. Lil Tay still keeps the group name alive which I cant do nothing but respect. The group was formed around him and his cousins, Swagg and Relly Rell. With the loss of Swagg and Relly Rell being locked down  (he will be home soon). Lil Tay is still out here hustling, he has been putting in work all year. He put out hella mixtapes, eps, and countless visuals within these 12 months. With his latest album Long Way 4rm 7Gs now out, check it out.

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Then I gotta show love to Doughboy Tyke. He has been on the grind for some time now. He understands the business and entertainment sides of things. One thing I gotta say is that Doughboy has been keepin’ the city hot with hits after hits like “New Money”,”Break Da Knob ” and “GangGang”. “Gang Gang” is a club banger, when the dj’s drop this song the club goes crazy!….oh yeah, Happy Birthday!

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And I couldn’t forget about Vega Sills. Vega Sills aka Luh Bob has one hella of a year. He signed a quarter million dollar contract with Stevie J. With making major moves like that you cant go unnoticed. His street look and sound is So St. Louis! He dropped songs from his ep Mitch also this year.

And last but not least, Benji Brother’s. Benji Brother’s are a group from St. Louis Bam and Kellz. They are taking over for the teens right now! I first heard about them when I went to a party and everyone was rapping and singing alone. I felt like I was the only person who wasn’t hip. Shortly after I did some research and began to follow them. These brothers are up next, they sound is raw and uncut. The things they are rapping about is real, I can feel the pain, the struggle and the growth within their music.

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