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Snow in Atlanta, USA

Source: Natalia Ganelin / Getty

Winter is just about here in Atlanta and many people war wondering, will Atlanta get snow this year? This question is almost impossible to answer without a DeLorean time machine, but here is what we know thus far.

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According to the 2018 Farmer’s Almanac the Southeast region of the United States is going to be soggy and cold and rainy all winter. The forecast also suggests  “below-normal” temperatures, as well as unseasonable chilling which could even reach reaching  Gulf Coast. Atlanta is also likely to see above average precipitation. That mixed with below average temperature could mean snow for the Atlanta Metro Area.

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The Almanac red flags five periods during the winter that could be the best chance for Atlanta to see snow.

Estimated Heavy Precipitation Dates

January 20-23

February 4-7

February 16-19

March 1-3

March 20-23

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