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Meek Mill 'Wins & Losses' Album Release Party

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Last week, details surfaced that Meek Mill may possibly be heading back to prison after a probation violation, well according to TMZ and other sources, the judge has sentence Meek to a minimum of 2 YEARS for violation probation.

Even though both cases were dropped (the fight in the St. Louis airport and the NYC reckless driving), the judge still saw it has a violation against his probation.

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After a week of great publicity spending time with the the Boys and Girls club, taking them to the 76ers and the Universoul circus in Philly, the judge still decided that Meek needed to see reproductions for his actions.


Via TMZ:

Meek Mill‘s most recent arrests didn’t sit well with the judge, who’s sending the rapper to prison for a minimum of 2 years for violating probation.

Meek was in a Philadelphia court Monday when the judge ruled he’d violated probation from his 2009 drug and weapons case by getting busted for a St. Louis airport fight … and his reckless driving arrest in NYC. 

Even though both cases were dropped, the judge said the arrests alone were violations — and reportedly gave him 2 to 4 years in prison. 

Didn’t help Meek’s case that he’d previously violated probation in 2015. He got off with house arrest for that one. No such luck this time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Meek and we will keep you updated with anymore information regarding the case.

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