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Ladies, are all men dogs? Hot host Princess Stormm has been debating if men are born dogs or grow into becoming a dog.  What do you think? Lately, men have been getting aired out left and right. I know we stated at the beginning of the year this was SAVAGE’17 but damn yall, lol! Jay Z admitted to cheating on B,  T.I. stepped out on Tiny, Waka Flocka did some dirt on Tammy I know everyone remembers Kirk and Rasheeda, and now Kevin heart cheated on his Rib.




These are just celebrity men that messed up this year.I could name some Saint Louis men that are cheaters also, but I won’t be messy. I think all men are dogs at the moment, I know this is a very harsh statement but the truth shall set you free! I’m not saying women are perfect because we are not, it just seems like most men get caught up in so messy drama, filled with lies.





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