Mary J Meet & Greet

Source: StarterCam / Radio One

Poor Mary J! She screamed “no more drama” and the messiness just wont stop. Kendu Issacs, Mary’s estranged husband is way messier than Lawrence on Insecure. He has taken the award for “Fu**k Boy of the Year.”

We all know their divorce has become a mess and a bill with millions of taxes to be owed and thousands going down the drain in lawyer fees. Mary is now accusing Kendu of “looking poor” to get more money out of her.

Issacs claimed that he only has 3,142 dollars in his bank account but his spending habits say another thing. Kendu claims his expenses including bills, child care, and moving etc. cost a good 60,000 a month and he’s unable to keep up the bill.

On the other hand Mary is not buying the story. Mary’s lawyers are adding up expenses on his end in hidden bank accounts that total 82,000 on trips to Australia, Mexico, Laguna Beach, Cali and investments in his new girlfriends business.

SMDH! Even though Mary is disagreeing to the situation she has to continue to squeeze out 30,000 a month to the con artist in spousal support.

Mary J will be in St. Louis tonight! Show her some love and buy your tickets here.


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