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E2 (pronounced E-Squared) Engineers is a program that gives local students the opportunity to learn about math and science. The program has a successful record in helping improve understanding of these areas and changing attitudes as well as building confidence and enthusiasm in math and science. Whether your child is an A student or finds math and science challenging, E2 Engineers can help get them to the next level. Boys and girls can attend a session and gain knowledge while watching their grades rise. The program is offered in a way that encourages children to have fun with math and science. Yes, they have fun. They may work on a robotics or Lego project without even realizing that they are actually grasping the principles that help them understand math and science in the classroom.  There is even a finance element to the class teaching youth how to budget and the importance of being in control of your finances and  how money matters. Classes start just about every two weeks so you can always find a class that is right for you and your youngsters. I talked to the Dr. Christopher Young EL and Tera Roberts From E2 Engineers about the program. Watch the videos below to learn how you can get your youngsters involved and on the road to much success in math and science.


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