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File photo dated 20 March 2000 shows US recording

Source: Vince Bucci / Getty

I remember riding in the car with my friends that evening and as usual, we’re jamming to the radio being loud laughing and stuff … and as soon as whatever song was playing ended – the talent announced how they got word that Aaliyah died in a plane crash leaving the Bahamas’ Abaco Island, where her and her team had just completed the “Rock the Boat” video.


Man … we all got quiet. Even the radio seemed like it got quiet. It’s like the world just stopped and I was thinking … “why her, man… She wasn’t finished yet”. But who was I to say she wasn’t finished?


Now that I’m older and learned to reevaluate life, she actually did A LOT! From birthing such a creative fashionable style that we are STILL rocking today to sounds I STILL hear in songs. What’s funny is I STILL bump her music when I’m going through a crush-phase (lol) or a confident streak : I jam me some Aaliyah!


I swear Aaliyah will forever be missed! We all lost a best friend, sister, cousin … whatever she was to you, however, we all gained another angel! Love Live, Aaliyah! xoxo

Shoutout to MAC Cosmetics as they announced an Aaliyah Collection to be released in Summer 2018! I’ll surely be grabbing a lipstick, or two lol


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