The top 5 female St. Louis Artist’s for to watch out for this month is Tiffany Foxx, Shana B, Mai Lee, Aloha Misho & last but not least….. my little ladies Kid GoalssSt.Louis is known to be the Show Me State and these ladies have shown out this year.

First, we gotta start with Tiffany Foxx. She has been killing the game for sometime now. She has the GOAL DIGGAS on lock and always comes with a hot 16. That’s hardcore and sexy on each track. She produced a new documentary series called S.T.A.N that will feature different celebrities, you should check it out!

Next, I gotta show love to Shana B. She is an up and coming shinning star in St.Louis her visuals is caught my attention. She’s  constantly puttin’ out something, her street look and sound is So St. Louis!  I swear this girl doesn’t sleep every time you check her youtube page it’s a new video droppin’.

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Then we got, Mai Lee. She’ s St. Louis’s superstar baby! She is an Asian American who keeps us jammin, to her single Low Key. She is probably the most humblest person you will ever meet. She goes from practicing long and countless hours, to performing and killing a stage, then back to work at her family’s owned restaurant that she manages called “Mai Lee’s”. Gotta respect the hustle….

And how could I forget about, Aloha Misho 1/2 of The Knuckles. She is an urban pop butterfly, you might remember her from “American Idol”. Her over the top personality matches her her bomb as voice. She is beyond musically talented, she isn’t afraid to step outside the box. She is the daughter of Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr.. Aloha is the founder of a nonprofit organization called GRLNTN (Girl Nation), which is all about “female empowerment, love, and understanding oneself.”

And lastly we got, Kid Goalss. Three little ladies J’Den, Ce Ce and Heavy Chevy. They rap, dance and sing! These girls are killing the Internet right now. It’s not one kid in this city that doesn’t know a  Kid Goalss song or mimic their style. I swear they up next!

If you would like to be featured or let your music be heard click here to upload your music to the STL Playlist. Check out some videos from these ladies below…..

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