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Father's Day

Source: Naheem Houston / Radio One, Inc.

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Let’s be honest, Dads are not as hard to please as Moms. Dad’s appreciate the small things. This Father’s Day 2017, you don’t have to break the bank for Dad. Just do these 3 simple things, that will make all the difference in the world, and will probably will cost you less than $20. You’re welcome.

1.Give him some peace and quiet.

Most Dads work all week in a noisy or fast paced environment. When they come home, it’s pretty much the same thing: chores, fixing dinner, kids running around and getting into stuff, and Mom with a nice sized to-do list. Dads enjoy peace and quiet. It gives us time to gather our thoughts.

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2.Make him a home cooked meal (or bring him some Chipotle).

Home cooked meals can be just as good as going out to eat. The benefit of eating at home is that you know what’s in your food. With so many unhealthy choices out there, show Dad how much you love him by considering his health. Ty’s Conscious Kitchen has plenty of healthy recipes on YouTube that you can use to whip up his favorite dish (pizza, pasta, ribs, burgers). The best part about all these meals are that they are vegan, don’t contain soy, or other artificial killers that manufacturers hide in food. Not in the mood to cook? Just stop by Chipotle. They have some of the healthiest meals in the nation and they are transparent about their ingredients.

3.Buy him his favorite drink.

Most Dads enjoy beer above all things. Grab him a case and let him watch his favorite show (in peace, while eating his food). Not a fan of beer or alcohol? Make him a smoothie or pick him up a Naked Juice at your local Walmart. The whole purpose of these 3 simple tips is to leave Dad feeling refreshed. Why? Because Monday–it’s right back to the same woohah.

-Farlin Ave (@farlinave)



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