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If you know Miss Pooh, you know I’m all for the soulful vibes of the gorgeous Jhene Aiko. This morning on my Instagram scroll I ran across this beauty on the cover of Galore Magazine named as “The Industry’s Secret Weapon.”

Do I agree? Hellll to the yesss! I’ve been hip to this “pretty bird” since her first album “Sail Out” that vibed my soul into her second project “Souled Out.”

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Would you believe me if I told you I have a tattoo that was inspired by a track on “Souled Out” entitled, “W.A.Y.S?” I know right? My loyalty is solid! ;p

Take a look at the rest of these gorgeous Asian themed pictures Aiko posed in effortlessly for Galore Magazine. Which one is your favorite?

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@jheneaiko speaks on collab with Bae @bigsean " first time I met him was at the studio and he sort of like busted into my session. He was like, “Oh I heard you were here, I wanted to meet you. My DJ – DJ Mo Beatz– has been telling me about you. That’s who played me your mixtape.” And then he was like, “Ooh I wanna work on some songs.” And so I worked on a song called “I’m Gonna Be” which was on one of his mixtapes, and that’s the first song that we did together. Then he played some other stuff and he was like, “I want this one, ‘Beware,’ to be my single.” He’s very persistent if he wants you on a song and that’s pretty much how it happened" #jheneaiko #sisterhoodofsound 📸@princeandjacob tap link bio 4 more💘 fashion @moschino @ottdubai

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What are some tips you have for women about embracing and owning their sexuality?I think just realizing that as a woman you’re powerful. You give life. I don’t want to say you’re stronger than a man, but you’re just as strong, if not stronger because of your emotions and the things that we all put up with. And I think once you start to realize all of the strength of being a woman, you can learn to appreciate there’s really no difference between a man and a woman other than our chromosomes.And so why should there be this thing about women not expressing their sexuality? There’s really no real reason why we can’t be as confident in our sexuality as a man. It’s just common sense. My advice is just to look in the mirror and realize that, you know, you’re equal to a man and anything a man can do, we’re more than capable of doing. And the things men are not ashamed to do, we shouldn’t be ashamed either. 💪💖💪📸@princeandjacob 💎#jheneaiko

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