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2011 World Series Game 7 - Texas Rangers v St Louis Cardinals

Source: Michael Heiman / Getty

I saw this one coming – it’s because St. Louis is known as the “Show-Me State” which is to no surprise St. Louis secured its spot as #1 as the BEST baseball town in America! Wow – that’s deep!

According to a FOX Sports writer – they named St. Louis as the, “Best Baseball Town in America.” Dieter Kurtenbach says he has been to several Major League Baseball parks across the country. Based on attendance, atmosphere, jersey sales, plus other factors – these are the top 10 cities:

10. Los Angeles

9. Detroit

8. Toronto

7. Cincinnati

6. New York

5. Baltimore

4. Boston

3. Chicago

2. San Francisco

1. St. Louis Cardinals

Do you find this surprising? You know people from St. Louisans treat Opening Day like a holiday .. I’m just saying lol

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