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Brows have been trending for a few years now. You may have been on the trend and made thing difficult on yourself by trying to keep up with perfectionists.

I thought it was my duty to let all my MissFits know shaping and sculpting your brows is not rocket science! Watch the newest episode of #MissFitMondays to observe my everyday brow technique to perfect yet natural brows:

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More about #MissFitMondays

MissFit Monday is a web series that drops every first and third Monday of each month that will feature Miss Pooh, and a chosen MissFit to spotlight their business or artistry all while having good conversation, introducing a tutorial, skill, or trend.

A MissFit is an individual who stays true to themselves and breaks the standard in the standardized society. MissFits are considered to be business owners, creators, artists, hair stylists, makeup artists, musicians, painters, and an overall unique being.

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