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Miss Pooh is all for a cheap and fabulous beauty product; BUT did you know that most of the time in these products are tons of irritating and cancer causing ingredients that are gross on your skin?

When you get a chance check the back of your products for these “not so beautiful” ingredients, so that you can make the proper changes to your routine.

  • PARABENS– Parabens are preservatives that keep your product “fresh” so that you can use it for a longer period of time. They’re also used to stop bacteria growth in your products. May sound “fine and dandy” but these type of chemicals can change your ph balance and even lead to cancer. Parabens can be found in anything from soaps, shampoo, foundations, moisturizers and more.
  • MINERAL OIL– Mineral Oil is supposed to be used as a barrier to help lock in moisture, but really what it does is clogs your pores like CRAY! Lot’s of inexpensive foundations have mineral oil in them. If you get extremely oily when you where makeup it could be because your pores are filled with gunk.  Mineral Oil can be found in moisturizers, coco butter, conditioners, household supplies and more.
  • TALC– Talc aka talcum powder is not your friend! Lately there have been lots of lawsuits against companies that use talc. If that doesn’t scare you I DONT KNOW WHAT DOES! In it’s natural form, talc contains asbestos, a substance known to cause cancers in and around your lungs when inhaled. Talc can be found in powder foundations, baby powder, settings powders and more.

THE LIST GOES ON! Beauty products rage in price and even some of the expensive products still have harmful ingredients in them. Check all of your products from soaps to lipsticks and make sure your making the safest and healthiest choice when buying.

There are alot of natural brands that don’t have these ingredients in them, one being Cover FX Cosmetics. Research is key! Take you time and make a transition to natural products!


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