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OoOoOoOomg this family drama is continuing between Soulja Boy and his brother, John Way. After listening to the diss track Way released, it seems as though Soulja Boy is a “compulsive liar” and continues to gloat about his success while his family is still struggling financially.

In the track titled “Overdue” Way raps, “All on the ‘gram flexin’ like you the f***in’ man/ My momma still on welfare, s**t I can’t understand it.” You can listen to the whole song below.

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Way confirmed his family’s misfortunes in a video he posted with his mom. When Way asks her where they are, she responds, “we at my house, in the middle of the goddamn ‘hood.” Daaaaaaaaaang!

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Before Way’s video, Soulja Boy responded to him via Instagram live saying, “Loyalty before motherf***in’ royalty…these b***h ass n****s want to go against the grain and lie on a n***a and put my name through the dirt when I’m a real hustler. Real n***a getting money man, these n****s ain’t shit. F**k these b***h ass n****s.” You can watch the video below.

Way’s next moves remain unknown. However, this could be the start of a full-on campaign against his famous “Pretty Boy Swag” brother.

Is it really that serious? What happened to bringing your family with you while you’re rising? I’m just lost and don’t get how people can blast their family on social media for the whole world to see. And your mom on top of ALL PEOPLE?! I just don’t get it…






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