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If you didn’t know, highlighting has been the biggest and brightest thing poppin’ in the beauty industry right now. So Miss Pooh had to share her tips on how to get your highlighter litty so her #MissFits can slay too!

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First things to consider before diving in

  • Go shop and get familiar with the different types and shades of highlighters. Some come in a frost silver and some come in gold, pink, purple, blue, holographic and even black. Swatch them and see which ones you like best.
  • Understand your skin type! Choose between dry, combination, or oily skin so that you pick the right highlighter that will have the best chemistry with your skin.

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Get to know the different textures of highlighters!

  • Powder highlighters (aka the most familiar)- powder highlighters are going to be the most vibrant and put the HIGH in HIGHlighter!  Use a fluffy brush to apply these for a lighter application. Best for oily to combination skin.
  • Cream Highlighters– cream can be very intimidating but in all actuality cream highlighters go on the lightest. Don’t be scared of the texture! Apply these with your clean fingers or a beauty blender in a patting motion for the best look. Best for all skin types.
  • Liquid Highlighters-  liquid is my fav because it’s so versatile! Liquid can be used by itself on top of your makeup or a pea size can be pumped into you primer, moisturizer, or liquid foundation to give your skin a dewy glow. Liquid Highlighters can offer a subtle or loud highlight, just depends on your mood. Best used for dry to combination skin types.

What’s a good brand to buy?

At the moment my favorite highlighter is the shade “Opal” in the brand “Becca.” It looks fab on my skin tone and I am a big fan of powder Highlighters because my skin is oily and cause I love the intensity.

Other brands you can check out are Sephora Collection, Cover FX, Kay Von D, and Jeffery Star.

Hopefully these litty tips and tricks help you on your scavenger hunt for the highlighter for you! I would love to see your lit”ness” on social media tag me @misspoohonair so I can see #MissFits!


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