These Celebrity Couples Are The Ultimate #RelationshipGoals
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Dating is tough, especially in 2017 with so many images of what you should and should not do. After you’ve been hurt so many times, people often fear being hurt again. They look for red flags and warnings in order to prevent being hurt again. Among their fears often includes being used– especially for men. If we’re being real, sometimes people go into situations with ill intentions (like getting a free meal or hitting it and quitting it.)

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On the other hand, sometimes one would like to give a potential suitor a shot at winning them over despite not being attracted intially. There have been plenty of success stories in love where one partner didn’t like the other at first, but over time the couple grew to be inseparable. Kim Kardashian passed over her rapper sweetheart to marry a baller before said “I Do” to Kanye West. Rumor has it, even Beyonce turned down Jay-Z several times before they went on their first date. It happens.

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Today on Smash Radio, Miss Pooh’s love life was brought to light and Boogie D decied to chime in with his opinion.

Ask Smash Radio: Should you go on a date with someone you’re not interested in?

St. Louis, press play to hear what you had to say below.

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