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Several bodies found in vacant Fort Worth mortuary

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Social Media has been going cray as we’ve learned that the reality homicide show First 48 will be bringing it ‘s cameras to St. Louis starting January.

For almost 13 years the TV series First 48 has tagged along with real detectives to bring some of the most bloody and gritty homicides to an end.

Starting in January the camera crews will begin to film in St Louis and Chief Sam Dotson believes the show will “humanize the detectives” here in our area and “generate better cooperation with the law.”

“This isn’t a startup,” Dotson said. “They’ve been doing this for a decade, so I have a high degree of confidence in them.”

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The show had St. Louis on its radar for years now but Chief Dotson always declined, until he had a changed of mind after talking with New Orleans chief of police at a conference.

“He told me it actually helped people feel comfortable talking to detectives, and sometimes, people would ask for them by name,” Dotson said. “People recognized them and felt like they had a connection to them by watching the show.”

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“The show highlights the good work and skill that homicide detectives have, and there’s no better way to promote that.”

More than 20 cities have participated over the years including, Miami, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Dallas, and Kansas City.

The show with begin to record mid-January and will air four to six moths after that.

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