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Mai Lee Music Super Jam 2016

Source: Lawrence Bryan / LB Photography / Lawrence Bryan / LB Photography

If you haven’t been following my #MissFit Movement I don’t know where you’ve been! Every Monday I (Miss Pooh) spotlight a #MissFit who is out in the world breaking the standard in the standardized society.

This particular Monday is a special one: it’s the Holiday Edition! To celebrate the holiday and new music I caught up to “MissBehave” with St. Louis sensation Mai Lee known for her girl anthem “Low Key” that’s been flaming up the airwaves.

In this exclusive #MissBehavinWithMissPooh interview, she talks about how her career has changed since her “Low Key” single, new music that has a Brandy and 36 Mafia vibe, and how bullying was a major impact in her career growing up, plus more.

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Mai Lee Music Super Jam 2016
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