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North Miami Beach, Female abuse victim

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In the month of October we have two serious causes to fight for, as the world covers the pavement in pink on their numerous walks to celebrate their loved ones that survived or lost their unfortunate battle with Breast Cancer. This month to me personally is major to me, as I know many have survived Breast Cancer, I also know many that have survived Domestic Violence.

Yes, the will to survive in both cases is major. There are so many quiet people, wanting to scream out for your help. Some don’t even know they are being abused. So many people assume that Domestic Violence is physical, but believe me, there are many forms. Take this month to get educated on such a major issue.


This month, I’d like you to take a stand with me to learn, reach, teach. My friends at NCADV.org have great tools to share with young women, that can help make them aware at a younger age, know what exactly love isn’t. Which from experience, we get ourselves wrapped into what we think is this fairy tell of love. Not knowing that, this is far from the truth and it isn’t that we are dumb that keeps us still here. Still in this situation that we can change, but feeling as if it’s impossible.

Lets continue to paint the town PURPLE to speak for the silenced!


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