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So today was an amazing day and I went on Instagram and seen the cutest post ever! This man named Alfred Duncan proposed to his girlfriend Sherrell at noon today and had a surprise wedding planned for her at 6pm that same night! Sherrell had me literally in tears watching her via Instagram from post to post. She was beyond emotional to see her friends and family all there to enjoy her special day. The internet went crazy! To see a couple enjoy life together and make love seem like ice cream and cake made my day! I am a sucka for love and this made me melt like butter! Mr. Duncan is offically the real MVP he just made it a little harder for all the men out here. Some are saying that Mrs. Duncan should be kinda mad because she didnt get to pick out a dress, colors, the cake etc…. I do believe all that is important but when you are in love and want to be with one person. All that other stuff really dont matter. And Im sure Mr. Duncan had already got everything his lady wanted there and ready! Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Duncan best wishes to these two!



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