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As the word gets out more and more, you can’t ignore the fact that Nelly has been facing some serious debt. If the St. Louis streets ain’t talking the internet is! Who would have thought the Country Grammar rapper was going through all this IRS mess while living “la vida loca” with girlfriend, Miss Jackson, who is also the ex of Floyd Mayweather.

Not only does he owe the Missouri Department of Revenue $149,511 in unpaid taxes, he was also hit with a $2,412,218 tax lien last month! The amount is cray cray, and I’m just curious to know how, when, and what, Nelly will do to get out of this one. Whatever it is he needs to share the tea, I’m sure a few people can use some help on there expenses too!

Nelly has confirmed that he is working with the government to solve the issue but, his fans have took matters into their own hands by creating the hashtag #SaveNelly. The concept behind the hashtag is to get the 2002 hit single, “HOT IN HERRE” to stream as many times as possible to put some extra coins in his pocket to help out. Even though the streams will only bring in about $.06 – $0.84 it would still help the rapper get out of his rut.

Here are some tweets from Nelly’s super fans:

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