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9th Annual Sickle Cell Celebrity Bowl a Thon Fundraiser

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How many people do you know have Sickle Cell Disease? Most likely a few.

In the United States, 90,000 – 100,000 people – mainly African Americans have SCD.The disease occurs among 1 of every 500 Black births and 1 out of 36,000 Hispanic-American births. The numbers don’t lie!

During the early morning show today Dr. Freda Lewis Hall did a wonderful painting the picture of how sickle cell disease tears through the black community. One question that emerged from the conversation was, “Is the disease more prominent in the black community because of DNA?” The answer is: YES.

Although anyone can retain the Sickle Cell trait, most Middle Eastern, Indian, Mediteranean, and people of African heritage are frequently found with SCD because these regions are most to be prone to malaria. Sickle cell is related to Malaria, the fact that these regions are more prone has nothing to do with skin color!

In order to be diagnosed with the disease you have to be of two parents who carry the trait. What if only one has it? People who are born from only one parent with sickle cell are known to just carry the trait and should be cautious of potential partners with the trait who can potentially pass to their children at birth.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy a healthy life while having SCD. Visit  to learn more about SCD and how to stay healthy as possible.



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