Grand Jury Announcement Concerning Michael Brown, Darren Wilson Case

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UPDATE: Sept. 9th 2016

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Scrolling down my timeline, I continue to find out more about Darren Seals as Facebook users share his posts and experiences.

UPDATE: Sept 8, 2016:

More information revealed from alleged twitter posts of a #Blacklivesmatters movement leader defaming and attacking Darren Seals for his comments about #BLM

Facebook user allegedly finds evidence left from police investigation at the scene of Darren Seals murder crime scene.

Darren Seals changed his life around and lived with purpose while he worked 6 days a week at GM. After almost losing his life to gun violence, he knew his life served a higher purpose. Instead of crashing out, looking for revenge and becoming a killer, he became a fearless activist to fight for others human rights.



Darren Seals was recently pulled over by Ferguson Police and allegedly asked about his political views and Facebook posts about Donald Trump.

Seals loved the city of St. Louis and was respected for being outspoken.

Darren Seals was a rap artists that used his music to speak out against injustice and police brutality using the background of Ferguson unrest.

EYE WITNESS DESCRIBES Darren Seals’ murderers. BLACK MALE 5′ 6″ with dreadlocks seen driving & exiting Darren’s Jeep at the crime scene. HE LEFT THE SCENE IN A 2012-2015 Chrysler 300 with a Hemi engine. If you have any info contact St. Louis County PD PLEASE SHARE

Access to the live Facebook broadcast video published by Darren Seals immediately following a police stop has been shutdown by Facebook.

The city of St. Louis mourns the death of Darren Seals. Thank you for standing up for what you believe in and rest in heaven. Here’s a twitter timeline of all Darren Seals mentions.

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