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Hold up wait a minute! Am I hearing this right? The Game aka #MeatPrintPapi’s :P lyrics in the new single “Sauce” featuring Dj Khaled just blew my mind.

The Game calls out a list of people and claims that “the sauce is hot.” I have to second that after one of the lyrics wrote:

“I used to f–k b—-es that Usher Raymond passed on / Then I f–ked three Kardashians / Hold that thought.”

Can you say: counting on my fingers! A while back on the Wendy Williams show Game admitted to have been with Kim Kardashian West  for a short time and to have been “super cool” with Khloe Kardashian. Now that doesn’t  mean he smashed, but the duck is looking like a duck!

Two have been listed, but who may the third one be? All fingers point to Kourtney, who is the oldest of the Kardashian sisters. Outside of Kourtney and Rob the rest of the family are technically Jenners. Hmmmmm. What’s your take? Listen to the song your self here:

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