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Former team manager for St. Louis University’s baseball team, Brenden Twomey, is under fire for reporting racially insensitive comments shared in a group chat among players last May. Meanwhile, those who made the hateful comments are protected.

During a trip to Washington, D.C. the team was discussing where to grab a bite to eat when the conversation went left. The group warmed up for a racist right hook by joking about there being a KFC in the White House and rivers of “Grape Drink”. (Please bare in mind the idiots misspelled this particular insult, but that didn’t stop them.) One player went on to lament the fact that a “colored” is running the country, when another followed up with the final verbal blow calling President Barack Obama a “F**king Watermelon Eating Baboon.”

While most of us would assume Twomey was attempting to be a good samaritan, school administrators feel otherwise. After several days had passed with no response from a university investigator, Twomey and his girlfriend sent the screen grab of the text messages to the Black Student Alliance. The BSA followed up and got the following statement from university administration:

“If I were to directly state to you, ‘You suck because of all of your social identities that God gave you.’ That would be wrong. That would require some adjudication,” said Hicks. “We also need to respect laws. This was a private conversation, or at least the perception of private between in-group parties.”

Deadspin reports the entire timeline of events, which show a huge contradiction in the school’s intended course of action.

You can see what St. Louis University’s BSA posted to Facebook below. Scary days we’re living in now, huh?

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