Donnell Rawlings, best know as “Ashy Larry” from Comedy Central’s ‘Chappelle Show,’ was caught on video this weekend in an all out brawl– all because of an unpaid tab at a Philadelphia breakfast spot.

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While dining at Little Pete’s on Sunday, Rawlings stepped out for a cigarette. According to him, upon his return the waitress followed him and started screaming at him for trying to skip out on the bill. He claims the waitress never gave him a chance to pay.

On the flipside, a Little Pete’s employee tells a different tale. One where Rawlings appeared to be drunk and was in fact preparing to dine and dash. The waitress says that Rawlings “made it clear” that he wasn’t going to pay, according to TMZ, and that’s why she confronted him.

Employees tried to kick the comedian out of their shop, a fist fight ensued and the cops were called– all because of a $12 diner bill, which Rawlings eventually paid and still tipped the waitress $60. Fortunately, no one was injured or arrested.

It’s a bad week to be a black comedian, huh?

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