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WARNING: Video contains explicit language.


Conflicting reports are coming out of Normandy as police say a man shot himself in Normandy but witnesses in the neighborhood are telling a different story. Some witnesses are saying that Ferguson police and not Normandy shot the victim in his face. Law enforcement officials say police encountered a 18-year old man who was acting erattic. According to Normandy Police Cpl. Tameika Sanders, officers responded at around 2 p.m. to the 5800 block of Bermuda for a report of a suicidal subject.

The teen was also being followed by friends and family trying to calm him down.

When police arrived he pulled out a gun and shot at the officers. A  taser on the teen but was ineffective and officers returned fire. After loosing the teen a gun shot was heard. The teen was found on the ground with a gunshot wound with a gun lying next to him. Officers momentarily lost track of the teen during the chase and then heard one additional gunshot, Sanders said. Police found the 18-year-old on the ground and unresponsive.  Normandy police recovered a handgun lying next to the subject at the scene.

Witnesses from the neighborhood tell a different story. According some the young man did not kill himself and it was Ferguson police, not Normandy officials who shot him. See videos below

In word as of yet on the condition of the victim.

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