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'Man Of Steel' World Premiere - Arrivals

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It’s Halloween week so I am back trying to end the misconception that black people do not make it in scary movies. Yes, I know a lot of us don’t make it in those types of films. Hell some of are the first to go but not these people. No, they are survivors (cue Destiny’s Child) and I’m going to give you a couple of notables this week. Today we are starting off with Laurence Larry Fishburne.

Fishburne played Max Daniels, an orderly at a hospital that is housing teenage mental patients. Everything is going smooth until a young girl name Kristen shows up talking about a man with a dirty brown hat, red and black sweater and glove with knives on the fingers named Freddy Kruger is invading her dreams. Afterwards, Nancy Thompson appears repeating the same nursery rhyme that Kristen heard in her dreams.

“One, two/Freddy’s coming for you/three, four/better lock your door…”

Nancy confides in the teens she knows who this person is and he won’t stop till all of them are dead but hospital staff has no clue. All they know is Nancy came through and now one by one kids are dying. The only one who seems to care is Max because as an orderly he talks to these kids on a daily basis. Normally in these movies someone like Max dies cause he wants to help and he’s black but he survives. After a conversation with Nancy after she is fired, Max goes home and isn’t heard from again. Probably at the house eating a Swanson TV dinner watching the news to learn Nancy dies at the end (pure speculation).

Max and Roland Kincaid (played by Ken Sagoes) both are black men who survived this bout from Fred Kruger. Kincaid unfortunately met his demise the next film but somewhere Max is probably living with his son and his wife giving advice while they raise their two plus kids.

LA Times Envelope Emmy Screening of ABC's 'Black-ish'

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