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OoOoOok here we go, again. To piggy back off what Raven Symone said on The View‘s topic yesterday “Are You Judged By Your Name” this video is of a couple of guys mocking the “black name”. In my opinion, you can tell they are trying to be funny with the names that are considered “ghetto” BUT as always … I asked growing up.. what exactly IS ghetto? Asking that question because “back in the day” didn’t immigrants live in the ghettos but why is it referenced among the black community the hardest? Just sad …

This video is the video Raven referenced when she made her point about how she wouldn’t hire anyone with a “ghetto name” such as one of the names listed below…

60) Latifah

59) Shaniqua

58) Latoya

57) Laquisha

56) La’Kisha

55) La’Tanya

54) Rohandra

53) Bon’Quisha

52) Sha’Tanya

51) Toprameneesha

50) La’Quishria

49) Bonifa

48) Shataniana

47) Levondia

46) Bufanaquishria

45) La’Quishraniqua

44) Barbeesha

43) Mo’Nique

42) Abduiniana

41) Fo’Landra

40) Kisha

39) Bon’Qui Qui

38) V’Lanta’la’mana’ma’nisha

37) Sha’Nay Nay

36) Tay Tay

35) Da’Quonde

34) La’Trice

33) Deedra

32) Tramicia

31) De’Lanice

30) Ka’Likatifrianiqua

29) Sha’Londria

28) Sha’Quonda

27) Elephantisha

26) La’Quaysha

25) Guuuuuurrrrrrllllll

24) Qua’Lifriaqui’Sha’Niquia

23) Cornbreesha

22) Congratulashayla

21) Barackisha

20) Obamaniqua

19) Koolaidria

18) Spongebobeeshia

17) Clitorisandrea

16) Fa’Nay Nay

15) Comptonia

14) Harlemisha

13) Beetovenice

12) Watermelondrea

11) Cellularphoniqua

10) Unidastazovamerikaaliqua

9) Alejandrisha

8) King’Kong’Quisha

7) Fri’Chickenisha

6) Colla’Greeniqua

5) Grapedrankisha

4) Africanishaniqua

3) Que’Shayda

2) La’Taniana’Bo’Vanashrianiqualiquanice

1) Courtney

And to be completely real with you – don’t we all know quite a few people with at least one of these names. And for real – everyone with one of those names is NOT what society perceives as “ghetto”…

What are your thoughts? I had a few callers hit my line and one made a point that hit this topic right on that nail… What about Condoleezza Rice. Although people perceived her as a “wanna be” BUT let’s not forget her name IS Condoleezza Rice

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