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On Sept. 9, 2015 local rapper Lavelle Boyd aka CityStylez was murdered in an act of senseless violence and left behind 5 children and funeral expenses to be taken up by his mother.

Here’s the story of a devastated family and a link if you want to support. #peaceinthestreets #stoptheviolence #blacklivesmatter

Family and Friends,

I humbly ask for your support during one of the most difficult times in my life.

On Wednesday, September 9, 2015 my only son, Lavell Boyd, aka Citystylez, was senselessly murdered in the streets of St. Louis. Since that day, my life and the lives of my entire family has turned into a living nightmare.

Instead of being able to focus on planning a funeral, grieving our loss, comforting my grandchildren and spending family time together, I was forced to abruptly leave a home I’ve owned over 15yrs, leaving behind my 3 beloved pets as a result of circumstances surrounding my son’s death. I’m asking for help with moving expenses, temporary housing, etc..

The mother of my son’s 4 children, held the only life insurance policy and since the policy was a new policy, she is having difficulty with the insurance company as they are refusing to pay out and so we do not have enough funds to cover all expenses related to laying my son to rest. I’m asking for any amount of help you can offer.

Lavell left behind 5 amazing kids and so whatever you can find in your heart to help my two oldest grandchildren receive the therapy they will need in order to process the horrific and gruesome murder of their father which not only tore apart their lives, but also tore away their grandmother through safety concerns will truly be appreciated.

No amount is too small and I’m not requesting any certain amount. Whatever you can give will truly be appreciated. It’s time for him to be laid to rest. Please help us do that as well as help me to find a place that I can call home.

Thank you in advance,

-Wanda –

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