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During our Sunday Town Hall meeting discuss the one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown and how to help heal our community, our on Demetrious Johnson brought educator Dr. Steve Perry, Author economist and author Dr. Boyce Watkins and Journalist Jeff Johnson on to show to talk about some of the issues plaguing our community.

Perry, an educator and host of the TVONE series “Save My Son” talks about how the country has not moved since the death of Brown and how lack of educational resources are a big part of the problem.

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Watkins, talks about how the “war on drugs” and prison complex has damaged the black community. “When they started incarcerated tens of thousands of young black men and taking fathers and husbands out of the community our families started to disintegrate” and “there are no male role models.”

Watkins also believes the police are “determined to go to war” the young black male with the combined effects of the broken family, it leads to chaos.

Johnson talks about the younger generation of activists playing a part in the new civil rights movement. He believes we are seeing an evolution but how are traditional organizations going to learn from the youth and use it in a greater capaxcity?

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