Willow Smith is back with a new music video, where she’s showcasing all the different aspects of her inner self.

It’s been two years since she’s released a music video, and “F Q-C #7″ is a bit on the simple and whimsical side. The visual features Willow running around in meadows, sitting by a stream before walking around the concrete jungle–all in tribal face paint.

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She mixed the different visuals with scenes of herself as her own band, which might be a bit of symbolism as each member represents a different part of herself. She told The Fader, “The different Me’s represent my Chakras. Yellow is Self-confidence, Blue is my voice (song), Red is my survival instinct, and the Black is a combination of everything (the true me).”

From beginning to end, “F Q-C #7″ (pronounced “frequency 7″) is completely Willow’s vision. Not only did she produce the tune, she also co-directed the video!

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